Where is SSIS package stored?

You can access the package from SQL Server Management Studio.

1) Select ‘Integration Services’ in the connection option instead of ‘Database Engine’.
2) Expand Stored Packages – Expand MSDB and search for your package (With the same name which you used during saving the package.)

In order to manipulate the SSIS Package – You need to right click on it and Export to a .dtsx file and Open the DTSX file in BIDS / SQL Server Management Studio.
After modification – import the package again to MSDB database by right clicking on the MSDB folder in SSMS (Integration Services) and selecting Import Package option.



Connecting to the Integration Services service on the computer “xyz-computer-name” failed with the following error: “Access is denied.”

To grant access to the Integration Services service

  1. Run Dcomcnfg.exe. Dcomcnfg.exe provides a user interface for modifying certain settings in the registry.
  2. In the Component Services dialog, expand the Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config node.
  3. Right-click Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 11.0, and then click Properties.
  4. On the Security tab, click Edit in the Launch and Activation Permissions area.
  5. Add users and assign appropriate permissions, and then click Ok.
  6. Repeat steps 4 – 5 for Access Permissions.
  7. Restart SQL Server Management Studio.
  8. Restart the Integration Services Service.